Our crazy family!

Our crazy family!
Four kids and...we're done!

Friday, April 8, 2011


So after taking homemade cupcakes to Kota's class at school (to which he was so excited because he is usually on Spring Break during his birthday) we all went bowling.  Grandma Kimball just Happened to be in town for this awesome event :), and Ethan and Sherri Robbins joined in on the fun as well!!  We had a blast!  Breven slept for the first half, of which I thoroughly enjoyed...did I just say that out loud?!?  Plus, Sherri was thrilled because she could actually hold him without his protesting!  But when he woke up, the entire alley knew it!!  The adults lost most of their turns to Breven, who did not feel like sharing the lane with us!  Every turn was "Breven's turn?!"  So needless to say, our scores declined dramatically!  But it was so much fun anyway!!  Oaklee beat the 3 older boys the first round, much to her delight and their astonishment, so the next round they got a little more serious!!  Hahaha!  But it was all "friendly" competition!  It's very difficult to get pictures "in action" without it going blurry, but we got a great one of Ethan!!  So fun to have grandma here, and so glad the Robbins came to celebrate Kota's big 10 day!!!  We will miss you!!

Kota Turns 10!!!

So my second baby boy turned 10 on March 29th!  Holy cow!!  I can't believe how time flies.  Wasn't he just barely learning to walk??  Well, anyway, we had a great day.  He wanted to open his presents first thing when he woke up, so we all got up with the sun and watched him open his gifts (and then of course I made him his favorite breakfast, pancakes!!).  He wanted an IPOD touch--with camera!!  Even though he had a practically brand new IPOD touch that he got for his birthday last year, he HAD to have the camera!!  So grandpa and grandma Kimball, and mom and dad all went in together and got him an IPOD touch with a CAMERA!!  The Jax, Oaklee, and Brev wemt in with Chele and Josh, and Mitch and Kelsi to get him $50 in itunes money!!  He was absolutely thrilled, thanks so much to all!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

About Us


15 years baby!!

Jaxon Russell

Dakota Preston

Oaklee Sage

Breven Memphis
Ok, so I've tried this blogging thing once before, it didn't go so well...I am not a real blogger, or journal keeper!  My sisters both have blogs now, so I guess I'd better pony up and get on it!  Our family...what to say!  Preston and I have been married for almost 15 years (this August!), "WoW!" is all I have to say!  He is my soul mate, my best friend, and my eternal companion!  That is that.  We have 4 AMAZING kids who are my entire life!  Jaxon, who is almost 12 (holy crap!), my absolute helper and buddy; Dakota, who is 10 one week from today, and is my little athlete; Oaklee, who will be 7 in May, and who is my one and only princess; and little man Breven,  who is in the TERRIBLE 2 stage and a LOT of trouble, but whom I love with all my heart anyway!  We currently live in  Murfreesboro, TN, but we will be moving back to Utah in May, close to when the kids get out of school!  Bitter-sweet move for us, so excited to move back home, but so sad to leave our wonderful family and awesome friends here in our other home, Murfreesboro!  But it should be an adventure to start a new chapter in our lives!  Utah here we come!  `